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Homeownership preparation

Free Credit Counseling

RCHDC offers free credit counseling in an effort to help families restore there credit and get them in a credit worthiness position for financing. We recognize that high credit card interest rates, savings, and day to day life spending can be a barrier. It doesn't have to be. If you are having trouble saving, spending, or just don't know how to start gaining credit we can help. We offer one on one credit counseling to help you get a better understanding of how to improve your credit, how to gain credit, and why having credit is important. Please give a call to schedule and meet in person or we can provide counseling over the phone. Make an appointment today!

If you are in need of attending an 8 hour homebuyer education course and simply don't have the time to attend it in person, we offer an online homebuyer education course that is HUD approved. You may attend from the comfort of your own home. Please take advantage by clicking the link below.

Homebuyer Education