RCHDC: Its Mission and History

Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation (RCHDC) was officially incorporated as a charitable non-profit corporation in November 1975. The corporation was initially developed and staffed by North Coast Opportunities (NCO) the local community action agency. NCO recognized the need for housing for low-income persons, as well as the need for a single purpose housing development corporation to address the problem.

In January 1983, RCHDC became financially and administratively independent of NCO.  Initially, RCHDC was involved in developing housing projects involving low-income families, and low income elderly.  It has since expanded into operating a self-help housing program serving Lake, Mendocino, and Humboldt Counties.

RCHDC's mission is " To provide decent, affordable housing to low and moderate income persons."  RCHDC's success in carrying out its mission is evidenced by the following:

  • It has built over 400 Owner Built homes under its Home Ownership program.
  • It has developed and built over 600 units of multi-family low-income housing for elderly and families.
  • It manages over 1,000 units of multi-family low-income housing for both elderly and families. 

The current vision of the organization further clarifies our commitment to the people we serve. RCHDC is committed to being an industry leader of the North Coast of California in providing low and moderate income housing.  RCHDC strives in an ongoing way to be a strong, dynamic and flexible organization; effective at achieving its mission through its efforts and its partnerships-public and private.

The agency has an extensive history of developing and managing housing projects.  Beside developing the units referred to above, it contracts with other non-profits in developing housing projects, and provides supportive services to its elderly projects.

The agency has established comprehensive fiscal and personnel management systems that continue to grow with the organization's ever-expanding presence in Northern California.  There is an annual independent audit done for RCHDC and for most of the projects operated by RCHDC.  Relevant reports are submitted to the RCHDC Board and all of the necessary financing entities.  A copy of our most recent audit report can be found in the Finance Department's section of this web site.

RCHDC has a Board of Directors that is composed of highly competent and dedicated individuals. Many of them have business experience in the fields of real estate, bank, and business.  They oversee the Executive Director and Fiscal Officer, who manage the corporation on a day-to-day basis.  RCHDC has an experienced staff that manage the corporation in a professional and responsible manner.