Development Services

RCHDC’s Development Department is committed to expanding the availability of affordable housing in rural Northern California. Our approach to developing housing is by working collaboratively with local city and county governments to fulfill their housing needs. In order to understand and plan for a project that meets those needs, we focus on five essential components – building a project-specific team, ensuring community involvement, knowing the market and target population, assessing the development type options, and matching the appropriate funding sources. Each of these components requires planning, research, and action-based informed decisions. We start off our process by sifting through available site information, analyzing financial feasibility, reviewing entitlement processes, and conducting other preliminary due diligence. The Development Department performs all phases of development related to ground-up new construction and acquisition rehabilitation projects. We enjoy working with a wide range of businesses, contractors, and other partners.

Bidding Information

Thank you for your interest in bidding on an RCHDC project. For more information on the bidding process and current opportunities, please contact us at (707) 463-1975 or email