Community Building and Engagement

Providing a rich and vibrant housing community is one of the many ways RCHDC endeavors to create positive and meaningful relationships with our residents and the greater community at large. With rising costs and a depleted housing inventory throughout the State of California, the need for stable housing grows exponentially. With the advent and implementation of our Community Building and Engagement (CB&E) Program, RCHDC has taken great strides toward improving the lives of our residents. The heart of the CB&E Program revolves around connecting our residents to local service providers that they are often not aware of. Our Property Managers work with community contacts to gather information on everything from the local school systems to healthcare services and then share what they have found with our residents. While our CB&E Program varies from community to community in the details and the available services, the mission is the same; RCHDC wants to help people and families connect with their community.

Our Property Managers are trained in collecting data and feedback from our residents through the use of surveys which allow us to evaluate their needs beyond stable housing. After the data is collected, we use it to cater the available services in the area with the individual needs of the resident. Because this program is a working program, we are periodically reviewing it and adjusting it to better meet the needs of our residents.